Introduction to my Blog

Welcome to my blog. This is a huge moment in my life … one I have been dreaming of for a very long time. This is just a short introductory note to tell you what you can expect from this blog.

I will cover various topics ranging from my true life experiences, my adventures, my travels, my personal growth and the life lessons I have learned. I will be totally open and honest as far as true life experiences are concerned … they will keep you spellbound, I am sure.

I believe I can offer a huge amount of inspiration and motivation to many people out there. All of these were born from my own experiences and growth. I will teach you and guide you to appreciate even the smallest things in life … and also to be the best version of yourself.

I will write extensively about the alienation of my little boy from me. This content will be delivered under the heading of My son, Sam. If you are only into the feel good stuff, you will be able to identify and avoid disturbing blogs relating to this topic.

I will take you on all my travels where I will share my experiences and introduce magical new places to you. I am very sure my blogs in this regard will motivate you to look these places up. If not, they will simply make you feel good and leave you entertained. Some of these places might be right on your doorstep….

I will share my spirituality with you. I will show you how I have been manifesting a great deal of things and how gratitude and a positive attitude forms a huge part of my daily existence.

Being a stutterer, I will tell you how I have dealt with, accepted and embraced my speech impediment. All of us have issues. Hopefully my story will help you to deal with yours.

I will teach you how to adopt and embrace a healthy lifestyle and how to look and feel better than you have ever done in your life. At 54, I can honestly say that I look better, feel better, am stronger, more healthy and fitter than ever before in my life. And I am just getting better in every way with each passing day. It really is so easy to achieve. I want you to be the best you can be at any age.

I hope my blog will entertain you … inspire you … motivate you … teach you new things … allow you to see life in a different way … make you cry … make you laugh … make you feel good … and guide you to be the best version of yourself.

I want this blog to be the highlight of your day … something to look forward to.

Please enjoy the ride with me by subscribing to and following my blog.

Published by Gerhard J. Loots

I am currently completing my Bachelor of Architectural Studies through Nelson Mandela University. I am the published author of Stuttering Joe - Part 1 (Growing up in Sunny Valley). I have also recently launched my blog, called Stuttering Joe, which is based on my true life experiences, personal growth and adventures.

6 thoughts on “Introduction to my Blog

  1. HI Mr G my man.
    Looking forward to reading your blog. Keep safe and take the beat out if life


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