Who am I?

I have been practicing architecture since January 1994, when I founded Gerhard Loots Architecture (www.facebook.com/GJL.Archi.). I graduated with my BAS degree through Nelson Mandela University in April 2021.

One of my recent projects.

I will also be doing my Master in Architecture degree in 2022.

Call it a mid-life crisis, but I am hungry for degrees.

Available at

I am the published author of a book called Stuttering Joe – Part 1 (Growing up in Sunny Valley). This book is the first in a series about my true life memoirs. There are many other books to come about various other subjects.

I do stutter and this fact makes my life story and experiences very interesting indeed. I was also once fat and overweight, but have now become extremely disciplined and set high standards for myself each and every day. In short, I am in control if my mind.

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